In today's Beauty Insider Feature, Omayma interviews Makeup Artist & Lymphatic Specialist Hadia Kabir! Hadia's work has been seen from the runway shows of Chanel & Celine, to the pages of PAPER magazine. As a Lymphatic Specialist, she works at the most prestigious Ricari Studios in Los Angeles. 

Ok, I remember it so clearly the first time we met- we were doing makeup on a campaign for Serena Williams’ clothing line, and I just remember starting at you like Wow she is so pretty. Tell me about your story as a makeup artist and lymphatic specialist, how long have you been in the beauty world and how did you get into it?

It was so lovely meeting you, I’m so glad we did! Thank you for having me.

My soul has always been in the beauty world, but professionally I’ve been doing makeup for about seven years and practicing lymphatic drainage at Ricari Studios for 4 years. My path into the beauty industry was a windy one, but a humbling one. I actually studied Political Science mainly for my deep interest in international affairs. As a daughter of Afghan refugees, I was drawn to the world’s puzzles. So I had previous life working in the nonprofit world, which I thoroughly appreciated. However, makeup artistry was always in the back of my mind and there came a point where I couldn’t ignore my passion.

Making the leap was terrifying, but it’s the best decision I made. I quit my 9-5 job and began working for NARS Cosmetics and assisting amazing artists. Everything beautifully snowballed from that point and now I’m doing what I love in the fashion and advertising world. Everyday I’m thankful that my parents had the resources to flee their war-torn country and build a life here for us. I have so much gratitude for having the option in choosing my career.

What’s your go to beauty routine?

Honestly, I keep things very simple and natural. My day to day routine starts with a facial massage with The Bedouin Elixir, a touch of concealer under my eyes, cream blush and lip balm. Oh and a quick curl to my lashes with a coat of clear mascara.

What does beauty mean to you? 
To me, beauty comes from within. Makeup, hair and wardrobe are simply accessories. It’s all about being comfortable in your own skin. Beauty encompasses layers of emotions, patterns, sounds and a spectrum of frequencies which resonate differently with each human being.

What’s your favorite beauty secret? 
Using a toothbrush with a touch of toothpaste or sugar scrub to exfoliate my lips before I apply balm. It instantly enhances your natural lip tone, plumps them and gets rid of any dryness.

What makes someone beautiful? 
Their true essence, the authenticity in their smile and the ability to radiate warm energy in a room. Someone who upholds their heritage, treats others with respect and continues to pursue their dreams despite obstacles. Strength is beauty. Wisdom is beauty. Perseverance is beauty.

Who is your beauty icon?

Monica Belluci. Till this day, she oozes a sense of mysterious beauty, confidence and sophisticated sexiness. The same can be said about Sophia Loren.

You’re an amazing lymphatic face & body specialist at the prestigious Ricari Studios! How do lymphatic facials work? 

Ricari Studios has even further amplified my knowledge in the skincare universe. A lymphatic facial massage stimulates not only the lymph fluid but also the blood flow to your face, bringing oxygen to your facial muscles and skin resulting in a natural glow. Through microstimulation with our innovative icoone technology, it improves circulation  to the skin by increasing production of elastin and collagen by fibroblasts. Additionally, the gentle gliding strokes reduce swelling under the eyes and alleviates sinus pressure.

What are some of the ailments lymphatic can help with? 
Essentially lymphatic drainage is the process of “draining” fluid from your lymph nodes using massage techniques. This helps your body drain away toxins, encouraging your lymphatic system to deliver fresh nutrients to your cells. In addition to keeping your immune system healthy, it reduces the appearance of cellulite, helps eliminate inflammation, boosts metabolism and it’s great for those with poor circulation. Lymphatic drainage is basically a premium car wash for the interior of your body.

Do you have any special techniques you’ve developed? 
I’ve definitely crafted the art of facial massaging. At Ricari we use a set of micro hand-pieces, which mechanically massages your face with precision, however I still finish off with au naturel tools, my hands. It’s meditative and in a way very healing for me and the client. When someone is in my makeup chair, I always allot a few minutes for a facial massage, using sweeping motions from the center and working my way outward. I make sure to sculpt underneath the jawline, down the neck and décolletage. It instantly energizes their face.

Do you have a favorite skin treatment you love to give?
I love giving all types of skin treatments, but I’m really excited to share that Ricari Studios will begin implementing LYMA Laser in our treatments. This new toy penetrates deep into the skin without damaging a single cell in the process. LED can only work superficially so LYMA goes through each layer of the skin, switching on cells associated with renewal. It easily glides over the face, no pain but plenty to gain.

How can people make the results of lymphatic face and body treatments last longer? 
Taking care of your body through drinking the right amount of water, eating healthy, dry brushing and keeping your body in motion. We always recommend that our clients take an epsom bath after their treatment, it helps flush away toxins even more.

What’s your beauty philosophy as it applies to skincare? 
Filters are great, but great skin is better. I whole heartedly believe that skincare is essential and a form of self love. After all, it’s the largest organ we have!

What’s your beauty philosophy as it applies to makeup? 
Less is more. But when you want to go big, go really BIG and have fun.

How do you like to use The Bedouin Elixir Facial Oil? 
The Bedouin Elixir is one of my favorite facial oils. The lavender-jasmine scent alone makes me want to apply it more than once a day - it’s revitalizing, lightweight and leaves my skin perfectly hydrated. I’m very particular with what my skin soaks up, and this product suits my skin perfectly. You can feel all the pure organic magic!


Do you have any favorite beauty tools? 
Where do I begin? I’m a beauty tool junkie! I would say my top 3 tools are my ZIIP micro current device, high frequency wands and my rose quartz gua sha. They each have their own superpower. A combination of muscle toning, sculpting, boosting collagen and improving skin texture.

You’re going on vacation, what do you bring with you? 
I would bring my gold lift-sculpting bar. It’s small and easy to travel with, doesn’t require an outlet, so I can sculpt my face as I’m on the go, especially after a long flight. It helps the skin look toned and lifted through its vibration mechanism. It instantly relaxes any facial muscle tension while boosting collagen production.

What are some of your current favorite beauty products? 
ILIA multi-use pigment, Laneige sleeping lip mask, Olehenriksen Banana Bright Eye cream, and of course Bedouin Elixir Facial Oil; the combination of these products always make me feel refreshed, sun-kissed and luminous.

If you could give one piece of skincare advice to everyone, what would it be?
Wash and moisturize your face every night before bedtime. Even if you didn’t apply any makeup during the day, our skin is constantly shedding, which causes dead skin cells to build up, eventually causing breakouts. Maskne is also very real, trapped bacteria will give us no mercy, so best to cleanse right after removing your mask.


Thank you so much Hadia! You can follow her on instagram and see her work here.

Hadia Kabir