Who Are The Bedouins?

If you’re a fan of Dunes - the novel series, then you’ve definitely heard about the Bedouins. But if you’re not sure who they are, what they do and generally have no clue about their culture or lifestyle, then consider this post your simple Bedouin education.

For starters, Bedouins aka desert dwellers, are nomadic Arab tribes originally from the Arabian peninsula. (Think gypsies, but replace caravans or mobile homes with tents, horses and camels.)

Historically, Bedouins inhabited the Levant, Arabian Peninsula, Iraq and North Africa, this meaning their culture is varied. Traditionally divided into tribes or clans, Bedouins are known to have a culture of herding camels and goats, oral poetry and sword dances as an art form. 

They organize festivals in the deserts where they engage in camping, camel riding, traditional music and dancing, poetry recitations and traditional tent knitting.

Bedouin arts includes a mix of jewelry making, embroidery, natural dying of fibers for fabric making, native stitching. Due to their recycle culture of reusing everything, they are seen as the world’s Original Recyclers. For example, they breed animals not only for the meat, but for the hair, hoofs and bones to make things like clothing, brushes and even fertilizer.

Bedouin culture is also expressed in skincare where the medicine women of  Bedouin tribes collect wild desert shrubs turning them into herbal remedies and cures, and even making use of the available botanicals to create early forms of sun protection and remedies.

This is where Omayma Skin draws its inspiration from - for the Bedouin Elixir Facial Oil, as a natural treatment to protect, restore and revitalize skin.


Bedouin Elixir Facial Oil